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Brand Lift Measurement Products

We remove complexity, measuring the widest range of media from a single source, so you can understand campaign performance across and between online and offline media.

Cross-Media Brand Lift

Consistent measurement from our single-source exposure technology means a complex media plan is no reason to dumb-down your measurement.

Digital Brand Lift

Measure the effectiveness of your digital brand campaign throughout the funnel to understand performance beyond click through rates and vanity metrics.

OOH Brand Lift 

With our location-enabled opt-in panel, we know when and where each outdoor advertising exposure happened, making OOH and POOH measurable and accountable.

TV Brand Lift 

An innovative solution using our Smart Exposure technology lets you measure brand uplift from TV advertising campaigns across multiple CTV platforms.

Social Media Brand Lift

We measure behind walled gardens to independently and accurately understand the effectiveness of your social media advertising in moving your brand metrics.

Audio Brand Lift

Comprehensively measuring across a range of audio platforms, including podcasts, streaming services and radio, to uncover how your audio advertising is being heard.


What we measure

Each Brand Lift Report dissects brand impact throughout the purchase funnel, from awareness, to consideration and purchase intent.

Tic  Spontaneous brand awareness
Tic  Prompted brand awareness
Tic  Advertising recall
Tic  Brand consideration
Tic  Purchase Intent
Tic  Creative performance

We’ll report against your campaign objectives, identify key insights and make clear recommendations on what you should do next to achieve your strategic brand objectives.


Our Unique Measurement System

Tic    Single source exposure technology
         Consistent measurements across all media

Tic    Passive Research Methodology
          Reliable control and exposed comparisons

Tic    Quality Assured Panel
          Trusted, ID verified first-party consumer panel

Tic    Actionable Insight
      Expert analysis and recommendations

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How we’ll run your Brand Lift study 

Whether you’re advertising using a single media partner or your plan is complex and cross-media, we’ll dissect your campaign and help you enhance advertising effectiveness.

Step 1

Measurement Design

We’ll work with you to select and implement the most appropriate measurement product. Each media plan is unique, so we’ll advise on the best passive measurement techniques to ensure the purest research. Before measurement starts, we’ll define your chosen KPIs, success criteria and brand lift measurement framework.

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Step 2

Running fieldwork

Our measurement system collects and collates exposure signals across all media channels. This information is ingested into our exposure graph in real time to create control and exposed audiences. Our automated sampling pipeline then delivers brand lift surveys to our consumer panel, ensuring timely best-practice questioning post-exposure.

Step 3

Brand Lift reporting

We balance the research data to remove any influencing factors outside of campaign exposure. The findings are then distilled into our Brand Lift Report and Scorecard. This comprehensive analysis reveals changes in brand metrics for control vs exposed, at both channel and campaign level. Once the report is complete, one of our experts will take you through a holistic breakdown of campaign performance and share actionable recommendations for future brand, creative and planning success.


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