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Audio Brand lift

McDonald's & OMD


McDonald's via OMD commissioned On Device to understand the impact of their audio advertising campaign via Audacia. They ultimately wanted to better understand how their campaign helped shift awareness of the McDonald's app whilst also improving opinions around the service. 

McDonalds Logo

Campaign Vision

Tic  To increase awareness of the McDonald’s App.

Tic  To improve opinions of the McDonald’s App.

Our Solution

Using an array of innovative tech, On Device measured exposure to McDonald’s campaign via Audacia through its audio brand lift solution verifying all audio ad activity across multiple platforms active.

Audio brand lift

Our results

Specifically, the December burst of activity helped drive metrics across the entire purchase funnel:


Tic  Top-of-mind awareness for McDonald’s increased by +6% following the campaign


Tic  Respondents were +3% more likely to agree that McDonald’s offers delivery through their own services or other delivery apps


Tic  After exposure to the campaign, consideration for McDonald’s was increased by a further +2 points


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